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Our Jellies

All flavors are fantastic as a topping for cream cheese on a cracker or toast point.

Garlic and Hot Pepper Jelly

  • Great as a spicy glaze on chicken, pork tenderloin or fish;
  • Perfect topping for Brie, Camembert or sharp Cheddar cheese on a cracker or baguette, or spooned onto a wheel of cheese baked in puff pastry or philo, hot out of the oven;
  • Mix with crunchy peanut butter (thinned with water) to create a spicy Thai peanut sauce for chicken satay skewers.
  • Great finish to a steak or burger as a sweet and spicy glaze;

Cucumber Dill Jelly

  • Amazing as a topping on cream cheese and smoked salmon on a cracker or pumpernickel round, garnished with fresh dill;
  • Try it as a glaze on grilled or pan-fried fresh fish or mixed into plain yoghurt or sour cream and mayonnaise with fresh dill and lemon juice and spread on fish before baking;
  • Great alternative to mint jelly as a condiment for lamb;
  • Spoon onto steamed vegetables instead of butter or margarine as a fat free topping.

Ginger, Lime & Cilantro Jelly

  • Use as a glaze or serve as a condiment with grilled chicken, fish or shrimp;
  • Toss into a stir fry for a zippy Asian flair;
  • Adds amazing flavour to a Thai salad roll (see our recipes section);
  • Mix with our Garlic & Hot Pepper Jelly (equal parts), add soy sauce and Thai fish sauce to taste for an exotic Thai marinade and glaze for shrimp skewers;
  • Perfect spread on your morning toast.

Chili, Tangerine Jelly

  • Incredible glaze on baked ham or pork, duck breast, chicken or turkey or use as a spicy condiment for any of the above;
  • Toss into an Asian beef stir fry;
  • Blend into oil and vinegar to create a delicious dressing for spinach salad. Top with thinly sliced mushroom, Mandarin orange sections, bean sprouts, red onion rings and toasted sliced almonds;
  • Use as a spicy glaze on pan fried Tilapia filets or any other mild fish.

Herb & Onion Jelly

  • Perfect topping for a hamburger or use as a spread on a roast beef or ham & cheese sandwich;
  • Stir fry chicken or pork pieces, add garlic & white wine and a heaping tablespoon of Herb & Onion jelly, letting it melt through. Add cream for extra richness if desired. Serve over rice;
  • Mix with mayonnaise for a delicious cole slaw dressing. Add dried cranberries and sunflower seeds for crunch and texture;
  • Use as a glaze on roasted root vegetables right at the end.

Three Pepper Lemon Jelly

  • Use as a glaze on chicken breast when baking, pan frying or grilling for a spicy lemon chicken;
  • Add into an Asian stir fry or saute using chicken, shrimp or pork;
  • Use as a glaze on grilled shrimp or chicken skewers or on your favourite fish;
  • Warm in a saucepan and drizzle onto steamed carrots or steamed/grilled asparagus.