Jelly Boys - Gourmet Savoury Jellies

How Jelly Boys began

We love to cook!

We began this journey several years ago when we decided to invent a brand new food; something that no one had ever imagined before.

We had tasted garlic jelly before as well as hot pepper jelly but never the two of them together. We tried it and loved it and knew that others would love it, too. Our Garlic and Hot Pepper jelly remains our signature flavour.

That's how it all began...

Our jellies are savoury, not sweet and jammy. They are meant to be used as a glaze or a condiment with meats, fish and cheeses or a great topping for delicious, elegant appetizers. We all know that cranberry jelly works beautifully with turkey, but have you tried our Cucumber Dill jelly as a condiment with smoked salmon?? Mmmmm, delicious!

For more ideas on how to use Jelly Boys savoury jellies, please go to our recipes section. If you have discovered a great way to use one of jellies, please contact us to let us know what you’ve done. You might see your suggestion on our website!